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Tactical Automation: Can your business afford to be that sitting duck?

Irish Causeway business member, Ian Beckett of Eirtight Technology shares the benefits tactical automation can deliver for boosting better workflow solutions.

This year, Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange, supported by Invest Northern Ireland, has been running a successful series of networking workshop events, exploring the digitisation of the construction sector – but for wider, cross-sectors, have you considered tactical digital automation for your workflows to reduce costs and align your people, products and processes with your customer needs?

Irish Causeway members, Eirtight Technology has extensive experience in business automation, which saves their clients millions of euros annually.

With bases in Dublin, London and around the globe, Eirtight Technology is an award-winning web and mobile technology and software development services provider. They partner with clients in over 30 countries to deliver solutions that enable them to do business more efficiently, and at lower cost.

They build long-term relationships with clients, partners, suppliers and employees, and have broad industry knowledge and experience, with a particular focus on the media / marketing; telecoms; financial services; and technology sectors.

In addition, Eirtight Technology is a leading Cloud solution provider delivering AWS, Microsoft and Google solutions appropriate to their clients individual needs. They are also helping clients realise savings of cloud migration by supporting changes necessary for legacy on-premise applications using Google Kubernetes, thereby enabling clients to transition to the cloud at their own pace and ensuring historic investments are utilised appropriately. Their pragmatic approach ensure appropriate use of new technologies in their clients end-to-end business operations and has saved their clients millions. They believe that technology should enable rather than restrict your business. 

Tactical automation solutions – don’t let your business be the duck!

Eirtight Technology is a passionate believer that tactical automation can align your proprietary business processes and employee skillset to deliver a superior customer experience, which enhances customer loyalty and business productivity, but quite often finds many businesses resistant to evaluation of their internal workflows and in exploring progressive automated digital solutions. 

CEO of Eirtight Technology, Ian Beckett explains more:

“The curious thing I have found in 30 years of deploying business transformation solutions, is no company I have operated in has ever NEEDED the solution until they look to their competitors or internal challenges, which eventually they must address.
“Every business is like a duck calmly paddling across a placid lake, calm externally, but paddling like crazy under the water!
“I have received pushback from companies, countries and clients whom I have told that business transformation is "simple", as all we do is help them to help themselves with appropriate solutions that add value to the bottom line.
Can you afford to be that duck?”

Eirtight Technology has extensive experience in tactical business automation. Everything they do is aimed at ensuring successful project delivery and building client trust. To find out more visit their website, or for a free consultation / chat, connect with Ian via LinkedIn or by email at

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