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Using Data to Enhance Sustainability and ESG Performance

A Membership Spotlight interview with our new Northern Irish business members, SustainIQ on how they support businesses to improve sustainability and ESG performance.

SustainIQ is the all-in-one, easy to use sustainability and ESG reporting software that’s currently in use on over 700 construction sites across the UK and Ireland. SustainIQ was co-founded in Belfast by Maria Diffley and Liam McEvoy, both of whom have worked extensively in sustainability roles in the public, private and voluntary sectors. 

The idea for SustainIQ was hatched at an awards ceremony in 2017. Both Liam and Maria had found similar challenges with helping companies to source and use accurate data when it came to measuring their sustainability performance. Often data was left in silos and scattered across different teams in the firm. This led to opportunities being missed and often made it impossible for organisations to fully understand their impact and track the progress of their strategies.

As a result, Maria and Liam came together to form SustainIQ, creating a software solution that pulls scattered data from across the organisation into one integrated dashboard. Since then, our team has expanded and we’ve been successful in attracting investment to grow the company. Our sectoral scope has widened, with clients in the construction, FMCG, transport and logistics and technology sectors, including names such as Gilbert-Ash, Heron Bros., Translink, Henry Brothers, SHS Group and Felix O’Hare. 

SustainIQ are now well positioned for their strongest year yet, with exciting new features planned for 2022 that will solve some of the biggest data challenges companies face in the ESG and sustainability space. As new members of Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange, in this Membership Spotlight Q&A feature, they tell us more about their growth ambitions in 2022.

Supporting businesses in reaching sustainablity ESG objectives and goals

SustainIQ provides clients with access to quality data and invaluable business intelligence. With SustainIQ, you can measure, monitor and report across four distinct pillars:

Within SustainIQ our clients capture data on waste management and resource efficiency; carbon emissions across scopes 1, 2 and 3; the quantity of recycled goods used throughout their operations, engagement with staff wellbeing activities; training and apprenticeships and the levels of charity donations throughout the year, to name just a few metrics.

Sustainability space in the last year has experienced a significant shift recently, with ESG now taking it in a more commercial and data-driven direction centred on financial risk and return. As businesses come forward with net-zero goals, and public sector bids weight up to 20% of their scoring on social return, having data to measure performance and prove your impact has never been more crucial. 

Using SustainIQ, our clients save time and money in pulling data together, they reduce their business risk, they gain competitive advantage and crucially, they build that most important of commodities – trust – with stakeholders.

Growth ambitions in Ireland / Northern Ireland and Scotland 

We hope to network and connect with companies across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland in the construction and FMCG sectors primarily, but we also want to offer our expertise to those within your Causeway membership that are struggling with capturing data to demonstrate their ESG or sustainability impact
We already have a significant presence across Causeway’s geographic remit, such as our work with Heron Bros in their development of Danderhall Community School for Midlothian Council, our work with Translink on the new transport hub in Belfast and our activity with Felix O’Hare in St Paul’s School in Navan in the Republic of Ireland. 

SustainIQ is being used by our contractor clients on all their sites, such as the Helensburgh Leisure centre on the Clyde in Scotland, and Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Dublin. 

We have a wide, cross-regional focus, and we hope to connect with more partners across Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland to support sustainability initiatives in each local economy.

Collaborating, through the Causeway network, to drive change across industry

Causeway gives us a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our interest in working collaboratively with members to drive the changes required across industry as we strive for a more sustainable future.

With COP26 in Glasgow last year placing pressure on businesses to change, we understand there may be anxiety and confusion among business leaders as they move to fully embrace ESG. We want to help them navigate the challenges that lie ahead by supporting them to identify and measure their impact and report on their progress.

We will never again face a collective challenge as huge as the climate crisis. Only through collaborating and connecting, coming together, and discussing things openly can we hope to tackle the challenge successfully. 

Whilst growth is our ambition, we’re here to change the world, for good. There is a real opportunity for us in joining Causeway to play a key role with our neighbours in Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland in achieving the change that is needed. 

For us, Causeway provides a valuable forum for the conversations and connections that need to happen.

Connect and chat with SustainIQ

We’re always open to starting a conversation with a new company, whether it’s an informal chat about your ESG or sustainability challenges, or a more in-depth discussion, reach out to connect with us. You can get us at, or visit our website at, where you can read news stories, download case studies and learn more about our platform.

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