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The Importance of Engaging and Supporting Young Professionals

Causeway Awards 2023 sponsor Fuel Change engages the next generation within the workforce to drive a positive transition to net zero. In this blog, they outline the reasons why they believe it is vital to engage and support young professionals.

The next generation are fundamental to everything that we do in our organisation, hardly surprising given our vision is that future generations, live in a sustainable economically prosperous world. 

We connect education to business with purpose and positivity. 

Supported by our community as well as the businesses and schools we engage with, we are empowering the next generation with enhanced skills and abilities, creating a talent pipeline for businesses transitioning to net zero. 

We do this through our award-winning Challenge Programme which we run as an accredited qualification in schools or tailored to your workplace. The programme sets real industry sustainability challenges for the participants to solve. During the programme they develop META skills, such as problem-solving, resilience and critical thinking, as well as gaining knowledge and understanding of sustainability itself. 

Our programme is less about finding the magical solution to the world’s biggest problem – climate change, although many of the solutions have had significant impact in their business and communities; and much more about creating an environment where everyone can contribute, giving them pathways to a world of opportunity, that a positive transition to net zero can bring.

Throughout the years of doing this we know that there are many benefits for organisations and individuals. 

Organisations are attracted to participate in the programme for a variety of reasons whether they are motivated by business brand enhancement, either locally or nationally. The programme clearly demonstrates systematically embedding sustainability in schools and in their organisations. Whilst some are looking to give back to the wider community or enhance their ESG, sustainability and social value credentials.

However, the impact that people from organisations talk most passionately about is the tangible benefits the programme has on the people that participate in it, hardly surprising really, it is human nature. Most people get a kick out of seeing others do well, whether that is learning something new, developing skills and abilities or confidence. For some businesses they identify talent within their business that they never knew they had, and individuals realise that they can do some remarkable things if they are willing to give it a go.

When we ask participants to evaluate their progress during the programme we are getting them to do it from a distance travelled point of view, for us it is about achievement and not attainment. We know that there are many people in schools and workplaces that can make significant impact but perhaps have not found the way to do that yet. We want to equip them with the tools and experiences so that they can power their futures.

And it is for these reasons that we are delighted to be sponsoring the Rising Star award. If you have someone in your business that has been developing their potential, learning new skills, and having a positive and hopefully sustainable impact, on your business then please nominate them.

To find out more about Fuel Change get in touch via their website

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