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Why investing in young people in business makes sense

When it comes to young people in business, it’s important we invest the time, training and money needed to help them flourish. The future of our businesses and sectors is with these young professionals and they can hold the key to our successes.

At Causeway we facilitate opportunities and networking to help businesses in Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland to work together and succeed. This extends to the support of young professionals, who can join our network in our '£30 for the under-30s' membership rate.

Here are just some of the reasons why investing in young people in business makes sense…

Succession planning

Thinking of the future of your business is important. Investing in young people in business allows them to gain the experience, knowledge and ignite the passion that could see them succeed in your business.

Providing training early on in a person’s career, and showing them the ropes of your business will ensure the future of your business is in safe hands

Filling skills gaps

The wider the age range you have in a business, the more skills gaps that can be filled. If everyone is from similar backgrounds and of a similar age, then typically they will have similar skillsets and abilities. Bringing in a more diverse workforce allows for a bigger variety of talent within the business, and, in turn, what the business can offer its consumers.

Investing in the future of your sector

As well as young people bringing their own skills to a business, investing in young people in business allows for them to gain some priceless knowledge about the world of work. Your business could be responsible for creating the business leaders of tomorrow.

As you watch young people in your business become successful businesspeople in your sector, you can feel satisfied in the knowledge that it was your company that allowed them to flourish and enhance the sector.

Fresh ideas, enthusiasm and unique skills

Whether they have just left school or graduated university or college, the level of enthusiasm in young people is often unmatched. Eager to impress and make an impact, they may be willing to go above and beyond to ensure the business is thriving.

They will come armed with a wealth of bright ideas and the skills to make them become a reality, skills which your business can help to hone and perfect. They will always be more than happy to learn new talents that will help them advance in their career.

Invest now, avoid paying later

By hiring young professionals early in their career, you can provide the training, experience and development they need to become the employees you’ll need in the future.  This means that companies can promote from within and save on recruitment costs.

Rather than being seen as a cheap short-term solution in businesses, young professionals should be recognised as the long-term investment that they are. Provide them with the training and support they need, and in return they will become your trusted, loyal employees.


Investing in young people in business makes sense, as it allows a new generation of successful business leaders to learn from those who know first-hand what it takes to run and maintain a successful business. Investing in young people in business allows for a better planned future with people running your business who know what they are doing and have learned from the best.


Young professionals are welcome to join our Network, with our '£30 for the under-30s' rates.


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