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Investing in EV Charge Points

In our latest membership spotlight blog, new Causeway Member, Impact Finance’s Business Development Manager, Kirsty Monteith outlines reasons for investing in EV charge points in your business and how Impact Finance can offer support and advice. 

I am sure you are already aware that from 2030, there will be no sales of diesel- or petrol-powered vehicles. With less than 2% of electric car vehicle sales in 2019, it is safe to say we have a big transition ahead of us. Here are three good reasons you should invest in EV charge points and infrastructure today.


Your business will be one step ahead of the curve of demand

By investing in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in the workplace early, you will put your business miles ahead of any pressurised transition period. You will be early adopters and ahead of the inevitable curve of demand. The government are putting pressure on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and look for greener solutions, this pressure will likely increase, therefore it makes sense to be one step ahead and future proof your business earlier rather than later. 


Your business will become more attractive to employees 

A clear benefit of installing EV charging points in the workplacee is the attraction and retention of employees. After 2030, most of your workforce may need somewhere to charge their vehicles. The convenient presence of electric vehicle charging infrastructure will make a difference when looking to attract talent into your business. It also offers your employees an attractive addition to your benefits package. Employees who feel appreciated contribute more to the success of your business.


Make your business sustainable

Investing in EVs, charge points and infrastructure will not only enhance your business sustainability, but will also boost your reputation within your industry, giving you the edge on the market. This will help you prepare for the future and get you ready to meet the demand of your employees by being one step ahead. Ensure your business will be ready to be part of the already rapidly growing movement and support a sustainable future for all.  

Impact Finance can help you navigate through this transition offering free advice and a real one stop shop when it comes to EV's and charging points.

  • The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) provides a grant of £350 per charging socket [up to 40 per business]
  • We can help your business bridge any gap between funding grant and full cost of your project
  • We can advise on the merits of Purchase v Leasing
  • We have access to hundreds of lenders, and have agreements in place with key lenders who specialise in this area
  • What differentiates us from other brokers is that we have a background in vehicle fleet management and can offer advice on ULEV/EV’s, charging infrastructure and any other areas of fleet management you may require
  • We also have access to funding for vehicles and can offer a ‘one stop shop’ approach for SMEs

For free advice and to chat with Kirsty on how Impact Finance may support you and your business, connect with Kirsty via LinkedIn or email or by calling 0330 133 4150

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