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How Anturas Empowers Young Professionals

In light of our sponsorship of Causeway’s Rising Star award, we at Anturas want to highlight the importance of employing young people and nurturing them in their career. 

Fresh Perspectives

Having a team of seasoned pros, versed in the ins and outs and who could recite your company mission statement in their sleep, is all well and good, until it comes to sustaining your business. In a world as rapidly changing as this one, it is vital that we introduce young people into our workforce. Investing in and nurturing young employees is smart economics – nurture your young employees and they’ll blossom into skilled professionals who boost productivity, drive innovation, and keep the economic garden blooming.

Strategies for Encouraging Young Professionals 

From creating a positive work culture to offering learning and growth opportunities and promoting work-life integration, these nurturing strategies are essential for attracting, motivating, and retaining valuable young talent. By mixing the wisdom of existing employees and introducing the fresh perspective of youth, we are building the foundations for a sustainable, versatile and well-rounded workforce.

Anturas' Commitment to Intern Development

This summer, Anturas has welcomed two university students as interns, providing them with opportunities for skill development through internal and external training, networking, and participation in events. We think it is essential that young employees are not only welcomed into the business but also nurtured through this period of learning and growth.

Testimonials from our Interns 

Cameron Steele's Experience

Speaking on his experience at Anturas so far and the opportunities he has been offered, University of Bath student, Cameron Steele said,

“Anturas has always prioritised my personal development while on work placement. Time for learning and networking is not just given but positively encouraged. I have been invited to attend events, develop skills, and get involved in work that I’m interested in. This opportunity to get properly involved is my favourite part of working at Anturas. It keeps me engaged, makes me feel respected as a member of the team and helps me truly develop through being trusted with real responsibilities.”

Rebecca Leech's Experience

In a similar vein, University of St Andrews student, Rebecca Leech expressed her delight with her time at Anturas so far. She stated,

“I have felt extremely supported during my time at Anturas. I feel I am being challenged to reach my full potential, while also being offered a great deal of support along the way. I am trusted enough to get my work done alone, helping me with both my self-confidence and my ability to work independently. However, if I were to ask for help, it would be given to me immediately. I have been offered countless opportunities to attend events, such as Edinburgh's B Corp 500 Launch event, and a behind the scenes tour and networking event at the Royal Highland Show, organised by Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, contributing to my learning and development in numerous ways. Knowing that you are truly respected and supported gives you a great sense of purpose, and Anturas has gone above and beyond to do this. It is fabulous working for a company that values each and every one of their employees, no matter their age, experience or expertise.”

Importance of Recognition

Both Cameron and Rebecca had similar feelings about the importance of nurturing young people in their careers, expressing their satisfaction with the opportunities we have provided for them to learn and develop. From mentoring to networking and event opportunities, to giving them the independence to work alone, all these things contribute to developing the skills and capabilities of young people. It is essential that we employ and nurture our young employees, recognising the ingenuity and innovation they have to offer. Not only does this enhance their personal growth, but it also benefits the wider community as well, providing a sustainable workforce and future for all.  

If you are a young professional or know someone who is excelling at the start of their career, nominate them now for this year’s Rising Star Award at the 2024 Causeway Awards.

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