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End-of-Year Reflections from Causeway

Chair of Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange shares his reflections on 2020 and hopes for the network 2021.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to say a few words as we close off a very challenging year for everyone.


In these last four years since Causeway was formed, we have delivered over 50 events across a wide range of areas, from renewables to financial services, to tech and innovation. And over 500 businesses, and 2,500 people have benefited from these events.


2020 – the Year of the Virtual Shift to Online Engagement


Prior to 2020, the majority of our events have been very much a face-to-face experience, which as we all know, this year has proved incredibly challenging for this type of engagement. So, we have managed, at speed, to adapt to these changing conditions and have done fantastically well at moving all our events to an online medium. In fact, we have delivered more events this year; had an increase in attendees; and more than a 50% increase in membership. This has been particularly pleasing from our point-of-view, as I appreciate many organisations and businesses have struggled to even maintain their business to existing levels during this crisis.  


The Changing Ireland-Scotland Relationship


Next on the impact agenda is, of course, Brexit. This is an incredibly complex situation developing between Scotland (and the wider UK), Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. Key for us at Causeway, is to ensure we continue to promote as frictionless a trade corridor as possible, to allow our businesses to maintain that close trading relationship, shared ambitions, and similar culture. With the upcoming Scottish and Irish Bilateral Trade Review being finalised by both governments towards a formal working framework, Causeway will provide an integral part of this future relationship – key to our continued economic partnership between Scotland and Ireland.


Growing our Membership and Developing our Partnerships


2021 for Causeway is all about growth and coverage. We are focusing a lot of attention on extending our reach deeper into our target regions of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, working with city chambers networks on collaborative activities, as well as multi-agency work too. We are also driving forward a really exciting piece of work where we are building a city-to-city working group on the climate emergency with our partners, Jacobs. With the countdown to COP26 underway, we are looking to build a strong platform for city-to-city collaboration on renewables; Covid bounce-back; just transition; and cities.


Connecting our Younger Membership with Senior Leaders in our Network


Another exciting activity is in our newly launched Professional Partners’ Programme in 2020. This Programme is introducing more experience Causeway members with our Young Professionals, to enable them to connect, chat, and provide advice as they step up their careers in their chosen fields.  I truly believe this will be a fantastic platform, not just for our Young Professional members, but also for the more seasoned professional gaining some insight into the minds of the millennials!

Building a Stronger Network in 2021

We really are working towards building a strong network for you – the stronger the network the more we can all benefit from sharing opportunities and growing our businesses. So please continue to promote the network to your colleagues, family and friends.


I wish you all an enjoyable and restful break from work, and a very happy festive season to you and your family – let’s hope 2021 is a touch more enjoyable and less challenging than 2020. 

David Greenlees,

Chair of Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange

Watch our 2020 Highlights video here 

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About The Author

David Greenlees

David is Chairperson & Director of Causeway and alongside his fellow board members and committee, helped create a strong business platform for companies and professionals seeking to collaborate and connect between Ireland and Scotland. David’s background is in sales leadership, and has been growing technology businesses in Scotland and across UK & Ireland for over 20 years, mainly within the software and consultancy space, helping clients become more efficient & agile in operation, and profitable in routes to market. David is Sales Director for Priority Software, a $50million global ERP Software business with over 75,000 customers. David has a strong sales and marketing focus, and contributes specifically towards the growth of Causeway commercially, as well as its communications and marketing strategies.


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