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Nurturing our Irish-Scottish connections essential for ‘post-Brexit’ business growth

Now, more than ever, is important for businesses in Ireland and Scotland to be working collaboratively to share knowledge and to explore opportunities for business growth on both sides of the Irish Sea.

The relationship between Scotland and Ireland is unique and long-standing. From Coatbridge and Glasgow, through to Edinburgh and Dundee, Scotland has become home to a large number of Irish diaspora, who from over the centuries to today, have come here and made Scotland their home, and in doing so, a great number have developed in business and contributed to the Scottish economy, while still remaining proud of their Irish heritage and community. 

Traditionally linked by history, geography and culture, this year marks a particularly challenging period for the neighbouring nations and business communities, as the UK undertakes its transition period to leave the EU. Recognising that working in collaboration is essential and has mutually beneficially outcomes for the economic growth and development of both nations, both the Scottish and Irish governments are currently undertaking a joint bilateral review to examine how our two countries will cooperate over the next five years, with promoting business and economic growth as a key area for discussion.

Causeway creates the connections

Since it was established in 2016, the Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange has shared the same view, that Irish-Scottish collaboration and offering a platform for professionals on both sides of the Irish Sea to meet, network, and share ideas is essential to boost business growth opportunities and to generate economic benefits for both countries. From what was initially born out of an ambition by a small group of professionals to support businesses that wished to explore their respective Irish-Scottish neighbouring markets, today the Causeway network has grown into to a strong network of over 100 professionals in a diverse range of sectors across Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Expanding our network 

As our membership numbers and our network continue to grow, along with our range of events, benefits and resources we offer to our membership, we are now expanding our reach to work with professionals from wider industries and sectors. Last year, we formed a strategic partnership with the British Irish Trade Alliance to further the benefits we can offer our dual memberships and widen the reach of both our networks.

Bringing private and public sectors together to react to the climate emergency 

The climate emergency presents its own complex challenges for businesses, and later this year, in recognition of the value, and indeed the necessity, of the private and public sectors working together to react, Causeway is launching a series of workshops that will bring key private and public sector leaders and decision-makers from Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh and Glasgow together to explore how the four cities can share their experiences on their respective city challenges, and ensure shared action plans can be developed to respond to the climate emergency, while still allowing the cities to prosper and grow.

As our countries and cities economically evolve and politically take different paths, encountering diverse challenges along the way, Causeway remains firmly committed to supporting businesses on both sides of the Irish Sea, to help them continue to develop strong connections and grow.

And it is paying dividends, significant businesses have made valuable connections fast-tracking their entry into Scotland or Ireland and thereby reaping significant rewards from their membership of Causeway.

What is clear is that a collaborative approach is key and providing a facility for industries and professionals to come to come together, connect, and share knowledge will ultimately benefit Scottish, Irish and Northern Irish economic markets. 

If you would like to know more about how to connect your business and grow opportunities Join us today.

Author: Judith O'Leary

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