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Causeway Further Strengthens its Board by Addition of Linda Scott

Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange is pleased to announce Linda Scott, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Industry Engagement of national digital skills academy, CodeClan has recently joined its growing management board.

Linda Scott first began collaborating with Causeway in her previous role with West Lothian Chamber of Commerce, where she was CEO for seven years and involved on several trade missions between Scotland and Ireland. 

She has been in her current role with CodeClan for nine months. With campuses in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness, CodeClan is Scotland’s first and only award-winning and industry-led digital skills academy on a mission to help bridge the digital skills gap through a wide range of digital training courses it offers.

Galloping from a teenage entrepreneur, to a digital business guru

Prior to her role with CodeClan, Linda has had a wide and varied career. She started her first catering business at just 16-years-of-age, which she sold by the time she was 20. She then for period was a professional horse rider, before returning to a catering career, with a business she ended up having for 20+ years. This led to her role as Vice President of West Lothian Chamber and eventually becoming CEO of West Lothian Chamber of Commerce, where she was instrumental in developing West Lothian’s Developing the Young Workforce skills and training programme (DYW); a programme that went on to be used as the template for the national solution on behalf of the Scottish Government. She has also been a member of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce Board for three and a half years.  

Commenting on the highlights of her remarkable career to date, Linda says:

“My career progression has definitely not been your average pathway! With West Lothian Chamber, I stepped in to the CEO role initially for an interim six months period while they tried to recruit for a new CEO, but ended up there for seven years, and the rest is history.

“I have only been working with CodeClan for nine months, but it is one of the most inspiring and exciting businesses I have ever been involved in. The main highlights of my time with the Chamber, was being involved in the setting up of the Developing the Young Workforce (DYP) programme and all the international work we did, in particular with Ireland. I look forward to working with Causeway again on developing trading links and opportunities between these countries.”

Passion for Irish-Scottish trade

Speaking more on her enthusiasm in joining Causeway’s Management Board and supporting its goal to strengthen Irish-Scottish business relations, Linda adds:

“Over the years, I have become very passionate about trade between Scotland and Ireland and the trading opportunities available to both countries. The main strengths between Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland are firstly how close we are - I can get to Dublin faster than I can get to London! Plus, the language and culture - it's an obvious first choice for all first time exporters, and a ‘must’ for all experienced exporters.

“By becoming part of a business networking organisation like Causeway, it also allows opportunities for you to make and receive introductions - networking is far more effective if you have a contact who can introduce you to the right people. Joining a networking organisation also gives you vital insights to what is happening within your sector and in different countries, which is invaluable.

“By joining the Causeway board, I hope my past experience will support Causeway in making more of these trading opportunities and introductions between Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland available and contribute with the growth of the network on both sides of the Irish Sea.”

In times of crisis, get ready to thrive, not just survive!  

The coronavirus crisis has no doubt caused much disruption to businesses across a variety of sectors. Commenting on her experience of the impact and response from the digital sector, Linda adds:

“No one can deny the unprecedented upset and unrest this situation has caused, but I always like to look for the positives and what I have seen across our organisation, is how every team member has stepped up to the challenges they have had to face, and faced them with conviction and passion to turn our offering round to not just an offering that will keep us in business, but an offering that could help us come out of this stronger than ever. 

“For all businesses, times are changing, we will not just go back to normal. We need to be preparing to come out of this not just surviving, but ready to thrive. How will your company pivot with the change, can you move to more online, can you continue to work remote? These are all questions we should be asking ourselves.

“I look forward to working with Causeway and its business network, to help businesses build connections and opportunities.”

If you would like to know more about how to connect your business and grow opportunities Join us today.

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