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Leadership Links with Causeway and LIFT Ireland


Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange invites members to take part in exclusive LIFT Ireland online roundtable sessions in 2022.

Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange is pleased to be partnered with LIFT Ireland to help deliver, promote and foster stronger leadership values and standards for individuals and businesses across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

As a business networking organisation focused on supporting and showcasing innovative leadership and strengthening connections between the business communities of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, Causeway earlier this year partnered with LIFT to offer the LIFT programme to our valued Causeway members.

LIFT Ireland is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at increasing the level of positive leadership in Ireland and beyond. LIFT stands for ‘Leading Ireland’s Future Together’, and was built on a desire to change the country for the better by changing the way people view leadership. LIFT do this through an eight-part group learning roundtable process, that brings people together to individually self-reflect on a particular LIFT personal leadership theme, how it shapes our character and impacts our interactions with each other both online and face-to-face.

How the LIFT Programme works:

  • LIFT facilitators bring 4 or 5 people together to individually self-reflect on a particular LIFT personal leadership theme and how they shape our character and how they might be of relevance in how we interact with each other online and face to face.
  • Over its 8 weeks, LIFT improves people's ability to lead themselves and others by encouraging small individual incremental change in key personal leadership traits. 
  • The process takes 30-40 minutes weekly. The sessions are called roundtables.
  • The leadership are Listening; Positive Attitude; Respect; Competence; Determination; Empathy & Understanding; Accountability; Honesty & Integrity. Two extra values have been included as a result of research done during the pandemic: Resilience and Innovation & Adaptability.
  • LIFT is safe. LIFT roundtables have no comment, no judgement and no advice - they are opportunities for self-reflection and personal ownership only.

From business leaders and entrepreneurs, to young professionals and those from a diversity of sectors and at various stages of your career, all Causeway members are welcome to participate in these sessions hosted by Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange, with limited places allocated for forthcoming sessions hosted by Causeway on a first-come, first-served basis.

To date in 2021, two cohorts of the LIFT roundtables have been hosted by Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange, connecting participating Causeway members from across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland 

One of those who participated in the most recent roundtables was Eamon Fallon, Wealth Management Partner at True Potential Wealth Management, based in Ayrshire, Scotland. Commenting on taking part in the LIFT programme, Eamon said:

“Having recently completed the LIFT roundtable sessions I can thoroughly recommend participation to fellow Causeway members. The sessions reflect on eight key values, which will help increase our level of positive leadership in our communities, homes and businesses.

“I found the course to be an uplifting experience. Working as part of a small group, facilitated by the brilliant Brigid Whoriskey, over the eight weeks we re-examined the way in which we view and enact leadership. It was time well-spent, listening to a great group of people. We shared our hopes for the future, examined honestly our strengths and weaknesses, and discussed how the eight key leadership values can help as we move forward in our personal and working lives. The sessions were filled with insight, reflection, great ideas and plenty of laughter and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you LIFT and Causeway.”

Mark McKeown of FK Lowry, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland (and winner of the Northern Irish Exporter to Scotland of the Year at our recent Causeway Awards) also found huge value and benefit in taking part in the LIFT roundtable sessions, saying: 

“I found the LIFT sessions to be an extremely positive experience. Over the two-month period, the sessions allowed me to learn from other leaders through their knowledge and experiences. I particularly enjoyed the various modules on Honesty; Integrity; Effective Listening; and Empathy - important skills that we use, both in our professional and home life. I would have no hesitation in recommending the LIFT series to other managers and leaders.”

Breda McHugh who is Financial Director of Compliplus Limited, based in Cavan, Ireland also found huge value in taking part the LIFT roundtables. Commenting on the benefit she found from taking part, Breda said:

“Being self-employed does not allow you to take time out and evaluate yourself. We make sure we take time to do staff reviews and keep motivating the team to do their best, we often forget we as owner managers need that too. That’s where the LIFT Roundtable comes in. 

“Completing the LIFT Roundtable programme with a group of like-minded individuals was fabulous. Our facilitator, Brigid Whoriskey, set the tone with her honest and candid responses, which resulted in a very engaging group of people. It was both thought-provoking and enlightening. It is one of the best programmes I have completed in a long time. Thank you Causeway and LIFT - keep them coming.”

Causeway Membership Offer 

Causeway is pleased to invite our members to participate in future LIFT programme roundtables in 2022.  For further queries and to express notes of interest in taking part, please email: 

Not a member of Causeway membership network? Join our growing network today! 

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Aoife O'Sullivan is Causeway's Communications and Events Manager. She is responsible for nurturing the membership engagement activity for Causeway, primarily through hosting events both online and offline in Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland, and helps to connect Causeway's members and raise their profile through communications, marketing and PR.


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