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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – March 2018

The following outlines the information gathering and sharing policies for the services offered by Causeway (currently, trading name of Irish Business Network Scotland) (the "Services"). Causeway reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement at any time with or without notice. 

Only the current Privacy Statement is deemed effective, so please review this Privacy Statement periodically. Causeway has created this Privacy Statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding the privacy of our Subscribing Organisations (the registering groups and Organisations who use our Service), Users (the authorised members of a Subscribing Organisation who uses our Service and the User records stored within our systems itself) and any website visitors.

1. During the registration process, Causeway collects some personally identifiable information (User names, email addresses, and mailing addresses) from the Subscribing Organisations and their Users. 

Causeway may also collect personally identifiable information at other times for example: when Subscribing Organisations or Users register for or use any Services for which a fee is charged; when a member or visitor reports a problem or question about our site or Services or responds to one of our surveys.

Causeway uses such information only for its own internal purposes: for providing our Services; administering our site; providing membership support, contacting or sending information to the Subscribing Organisation and members, and verifying their identities.

Completing an online membership application form confirms that you support the aims and objectives of Causeway, that you agree to have your information held on the Causeway database and shared with other members of the organisation and event sponsors as per Causeway’s core objectives to provide a collaboration platform for members to interact. In addition, booking or reserving a place on a Causeway event, you confirm that your name, organisation, and business contact details may be shared with other event attendees.

We will not sell, rent or release any Subscribing Organisation's or members personally identifiable information to any other party except with its explicit permission or under exceptional circumstances. In addition, we will not access or release the site Information (This is the information that a Subscribing Organisation or member uploads or stores in the site) except at the request of the Subscribing Organisation or under certain rare special circumstances. Causeway may disclose or access personally identifiable information or site Information in special cases if:

(a) it is required to do so by law or to comply with legal process served on Causeway, or

(b) Causeway has a good faith reason to believe that disclosing or accessing such information is necessary or appropriate in order to:

(i) identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be violating or threatening to violate Causeway’s, its Third Party Providers' or this site’s Terms of Service, Privacy Statement or policies or causing or threatening to cause injury to or interference with the Services or Causeway, its Third Party Providers' or its Subscribing Organisations, members or any third party's rights or property, 

(ii) protect and defend the Services, or Causeway, its Subscribing Organisations, members, Third Party Providers' or this sites rights or property, 

(iii) act under exigent circumstances to protect the safety of the Services, or of Causeway’s Subscribing Organisations, Users, Third Party Providers, this site or the public, or 

(iv) identify, confirm or assess a violation or threatened violation of Causeway’s, its Third Party Providers' or this sites Terms of Service, Privacy Statement or policies, or injury to or interference or threatened injury to or interference with the Services or Causeway’s or its Subscribing Organisations, Users' or any third party's rights or property.

(b) which results from a circumstance that Causeway believes in good faith is not caused by such Subscribing or its members, any such disclosure shall occur only after prior notice to the Subscribing Organisation and upon terms and conditions that will safeguard the Subscribing Organisation's confidential information to the extent reasonably feasible. 

2. In order to improve our Service, provide content and develop services that are useful to our Subscribing Organisations and members, Causeway automatically gathers information on an aggregate basis about the services that members visit and use. A Subscribing Organisation's or its User's personally identifiable information cannot be linked to any of this information. Causeway also uses demographic information (e.g. ZIP or postal code, industry type, and Organisation size) about Subscribing Organisations and Users for these purposes. 

3. Causeway may, from time to time, partner with Third Party Providers to provide special services, products, discounts or other information that will benefit our Subscribing Organisations and their Users. The free features of our Services are funded by our Third Party Providers. Third Party Providers may include affiliate, sponsors, partners, advertisers, and content and service providers.

If a Subscribing Organisation or User is asked for personally identifiable or other information, that Subscribing Organisation or User is providing this information only to Causeway, unless the Subscribing Organisation or User is registering for, purchasing or using services or products provided by a Third Party Provider, or using a service offered by a Third Party Provider as part of the Causeway Services. Personally identifiable and other information may also be collected by Third Party Providers when Subscribing Organisations or Users view or access pages, or view or respond to an advertisement or promotion offered by one of the Third Party Providers on this site, the Subscribing Organisation’s sites or Third Party Provider sites. Collection and use by a Third-Party Provider of any information that is transmitted to a Third Party Provider will be subject to such Provider's privacy policy, and Causeway has no responsibility or liability for such independent policies or the Providers' use of such information. We therefore advise that all Users review a Third Party Provider's privacy statement prior to registering for or using their service. 

4. In order to offer our Services and to better respond to any problems Subscribing Organisations and Users may experience with the Services or site, Causeway may use cookies. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to a User's browser from a web server and stored on the computer's hard drive for record-keeping purposes.

These cookies are an integral part of providing the Services. If a User's browser does not accept cookies, the User may not be able to use some of the Services. Third Party Providers may also use their own cookies. Our Privacy Statement does not apply to their cookies, which are subject to the terms of their own privacy policies 

5. Causeway exercises great care to secure your personally identifiable information and site Information and has implemented security measures in accordance with industry-standard practice. Causeway uses our Security Manager Software to protect your Platform, and we are continuously engaged in examining and updating security as we update our Service. 

Internally, we restrict access to all personally identifiable information and site Information to employees who need access to the information only in order to do their jobs. These employees are limited in number, are all senior staff members and are committed to our privacy and security policies. Any employee who violates our privacy and/or security policies is subject to possible termination and civil and/or criminal prosecution. 

No data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be totally secure and there is a slight risk that data could be intercepted or interrupted during Internet transmission. Although we strive to provide secure transmission for Subscribing Organisation’s and Users’ personally identifiable information and all Platform Information from the User's computer to Causeway’s servers and for secure storage of all site Information, Causeway cannot warrant the security of any information Subscribing Organisations or Users transmit to us or from our online services or store on the sites, and Subscribing Organisations and Users do so at their own risk. 

6. Except for a few specific instances, Subscribing Organisations and Users may always elect : 

a. not to transmit any personally identifiable information to, or use or receive any Service for which a fee is charged, special service, product, discount, or promotional communications from, Causeway or our Third Party Providers 

b. to decline or not use advertisements or services that require them to transmit certain information to our Third Party Providers 

c. to remove their personally identifiable information from the site, or 

d. to discontinue the site use and having all information deleted 

If information is being collected by any entity other than a Third Party Provider or if it will be disclosed by Causeway in any manner not described in this Privacy Statement, Subscribing Organisations and Users will be given prior notice, and can always elect not to use that particular service or provide the Information. 

If a Subscribing Organisation discontinues its site use, all the personally identifiable information of the Subscribing Organisation and its Users will be removed from our databases, and the site and all of its site Information will be removed and/or deleted from our servers. 

The instances where a User or Subscribing Organisation must provide personally identifiable information are: 

(i) During the site and User registration processes; 

(ii) when personally identifiable information must be provided in order for Causeway to provide the Services; 

(iii) when Causeway must communicate directly with the Subscribing Organisation and its Users, and 

(iv) in the cases of the User preference profile and anonymous profile information that is automatically collected.


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